New Mexico Big Game Hunt–>Need help with the draw?

Let us help you with your next New Mexico Big Game Hunt! Whether you’re new to a draw system, or have entered a draw many times, let us assist you with this one! Our New Mexico outfitter will assist you entering your draw application at no extra cost! Plus, increase your odds!

There are two options for obtaining a tag for a New Mexico big game hunt.  The first and most popular option is applying for a tag in the annual NM Big Game Draw.  Our elk hunts are in the Lincoln National Forest and surrounding public lands contained in hunting unit 34 and unit 36.  By applying in the draw under a registered NM Outfitter, your chances of drawing an elk tag are significantly higher as opposed to applying as an unguided non-resident applicant.  Through our FREE APPLICATION SERVICE, our outfitter will personally contact you in order to prepare and submit your online application in the NM Big Game Draw.  This ensures that your application is correct, and most importantly, that it is processed in the Outfitter’s Pool.

New Mexico’s big game  hunt drawing is subject to a quota system. By state law, the draw attempts to distribute a minimum of 84% of the licenses for each hunt to New Mexico residents, 10% to residents or nonresidents who’ve contracted with an outfitter, and 6% to nonresidents (this does not prohibit nonresidents in the 6 percent pool from contracting with an outfitter if they are lucky in the draw).

The application deadline this year is March 22, 2017. The order of an application in the sequence is the determining factor in the drawing success.  So hurry up and let us help get your application in! The draw results will be posted on April 26.

The second option for those that are unsuccessful in the draw, or who have missed the draw deadline, is to purchase a landowner tag.  Unit wide landowner tags are limited and the demand for them is at an all-time high.  Purchasing a landowner tag significantly increases the cost of your hunt, as you will still be required to purchase the Non-Resident license from the state.  The upside to purchasing a landowner tag is you can still hunt our trophy units. For those clients interested in purchasing landowner tags, we can locate and purchase tags on your behalf.

Either way you choose, Bust’n Tails would like to help you with your New Mexico Big Game Hunt of a lifetime! You can see all trips offered at


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