Florida Bowfishing - Central FL

Florida Bowfishing – Central FL

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Come along with us on a journey on the Crystal River of Central Florida, where we will introduce you to the most exciting sport on the water today, Florida BOWFISHING! It is one of the most addictive forms of fishing and the adrenaline rush is comparable to none. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided. We also offer the use of a spear or gig for those interested in spearing fish by hand. You are always welcome to bring your bowfishing equipment onboard. In addition to our exciting bowfishing trips, we also offer Alligator Hunts, Shark Fishing, and Crabbing trips!

Florida Bowfishing Trips

*All bowfishing rates are for 4 hours of shooting time, up to 3 Shooters at once.
Additional shooters can be added for an additional $50 each and can rotate out on the shooting platform (Up to 5 shooters total). Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of $95 per hour.  Your adventure includes all necessary equipment, snacks and beverages. No Fishing License Required. 10% single shooter discount.

Bowfishing- $450

Our nighttime Bowfishing Adventure is our most popular charter due to the amazing scenery and non-stop action. Follow along through the Florida Jungle and backwater creeks while we shoot at Mullet, Spotted Gar, Long Nose Gar, Sting Rays, and many other non game species.

FLBowshark.1Florida Bowfishing / Shark Fishing Combo- $550  (APRIL – OCTOBER )


Trip includes 3 hours of shooting time and 3 hours of Rod and Reel shark fishing. 6 hours total.

SHARK Fishing – (April 1st – October 31st)

Half Day (5 hours) $550       3/4 Day (7 Hours) $700     Full Day (9 Hours) $850

Night Trips- 6 Hour Charters Only – $600

FL52Gator Hunts

Get ready for the hunt of a lifetime! We cater our gator hunts to a variety of skill levels and size requests. Our year round hunts take place on vast areas of Private Land throughout the state, and we have the ability to not only offer our clients day and night hunts, but we can also use a variety of weapons including rifle (during daylight), crossbow, bow and harpoon.

Our private land hunts can be done Day or Night, year round, with any weapon.

Rifle Hunts can only be done during the day. Pricing is as follows
Flat Rate up to 8’11” Feet $1800

9 – 9’11”  Feet $2300

10 – 10’11”  Feet $2800

11 – 12’11”  Feet $3300

12 – 12’11”  Feet $3800

For our resident tag holders, we also offer a nightly charter service to help you fill your tags during the Public Water Gator Season ($750 for 10PM – 6AM).

For hunters who need their meat and hides shipped to them, additional charges will apply. Average shipping prices of 15 Pounds of Gator Meat east of the Mississippi is approx. $100 Overnight.

Trophy Fees do not apply for tag holders on Public Harvest Hunts. The Flat Nightly rate of $750 is for any size gator and any amount of tags you need to fill.

For hunters who need their meat and hides shipped to them additional charges will apply. ($100 plus shipping)

FLORIDA PREDATOR COMBO – $3,500 Shark and Alligator – 2 DAY TRIP

Are you interested in catching a Shark AND an Alligator on rod and reel in the same vacation? Price includes one full day or night of shark fishing and 1 Alligator up to 10 Feet. Sharks will be caught in Yankeetown Florida. Alligators will be caught in South Florida.

**A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book your trip. Your balance is due upon arrival.


Catch Your Very Own Blue Claw Crabs—Year Round!

$400.00 total (not per person) for four hours of crabbing action for up to 4 passengers.
A fifth crabber can be added for an additional $50 and can rotate out on the platform.
Up to 4 Crabbers at once on the deck. No Experience Necessary and a great trip for kids of all ages.
Additional hours can be purchased at a rate of $95 per hour.  10% Single Crabber Discount​.



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